Escape from Ensenada (2017) Dual Audio Hindi HD 720p BluRay

Escape from Ensenada (2017) Dual Audio Hindi HD 720p BluRay

Escape from Ensenada (2017) Dual Audio Hindi HD 720p BluRay, Escape from Ensenada 2017 Hindi Movie Download 720p BluRay, Escape from Ensenada (2017) movie download hd 720p. Watch More Dual-Audio  Movies.

Escape From Ensenada
2017 ‧ Crime film/Thriller ‧ 1h 23m
5.8/10 · IMDb

Initial release: November 2017
Director: Brandon Slagle

Story: Two college students fight for their lives when they’re kidnapped by a human trafficking ring during spring break. Two college students from California are kidnapped by a human-trafficking ring while they are in Mexico for spring break. Starring: Bronwyn Carrie-Wilson, Devanny Pinn, Jonathan Goldstein, Adriana Fonseca, Jose Rosete, Victor Boneva and Louis Mandylor

Synopsis: Having just finished a semester at college, co-eds Jenna and Lyndsey are looking to blow off a little steam so they had to Mexico on a whirlwind Spring Break vacation. Unfortunately, things take a dark turn for the worse as they are kidnapped by slave traffickers and will be sold to the highest bidders in Europe. Up against a wall, the two friends must make a desperate bid for freedom or they will be lost forever.

The Review: In today’s grim age of terrorism, mass shootings and civil unrest, it is easy to forget that there are other evils in the world. The new action-thriller “Escape From Ensenada” from director Brandon Slagle (House Of Manson) tackles one of these in the form of sex trafficking. Every year, countless women and men are kidnapped and forced into this horrifying reality and are never heard of again. As a plot, this was refreshing to see the antagonists as good ol’ Mexican drug and slave traders who are just as, if not more so, merciless than any Isis terrorist you will ever cross paths with. As a fan of action movies. I love when we get some new blood in the bad guy department.

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